The Tuy Hoa Sandhopper and More

I’ve been digging out old slides for my Oshkosh presentation, so I wanted to post a few. I promised a picture of the Tuy Hoa Sandhopper, so here are two pictures, along with the other members of its squadron.


The Tuy Hoa Sandhopper
Arnold Ebneter personal collection

Tuy Hoa Models

The Tuy Hua Model Squadron — Sandhopper in the Middle
Arnold Ebneter personal collection

This next picture is one I found of the 452 Fighter Day Squadron at Foster AFB in the mid-1950s. The emblem for the squadron is still the same and is now used by the 452 Test Squadron at Edwards AFB.

452 FDS

The 452 Fighter Day Squadron
Arnold Ebneter personal collection

This last picture must have been taken at an amusement park in Louisiana or Ohio. This is one of my younger sisters — I love the machine gun! I don’t imagine too many of those rides exist any more.


Amusement Park Ride, 1960s Style
Arnold Ebneter personal collection

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