A few minor errors have been noted since publication:

3) Line 4, “south end of the airport” should be “north end of the airport”

p. 81) The simulated attack on the Panama Canal took place in the spring of 1957, not the fall of 1956. Another deployment that was not included in the book, “Mobile Baker,” took place in the fall of 1956.

p. 113) Line 20, “Alexandria, Virginia” should be “Alexandria, Louisiana”

p. 120) Line 12, “Bob McDonald’s S-2” should be “Bob McDonald’s S-20”; the index reference on p. 207 is also incorrect

p. 201) Last paragraph, Tom Poberezny retired August 1, 2011, not in 2012.

I hope that is all the errors and many thanks to the folks who pointed these out!