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  1. Hi Gary…my good friend and Varieze owner, Jack Krips here in Orlando said you advocate profiling prop tips to 45 degrees to improve tip losses. Can you please tell me a little more about the logic behind it, and what improvement I might expect? I fly a Cozy Mk IV with an IO-360 driving a wooden Sensenich prop.

    Many thanks
    Neil Clayton

    • Hi Neil — are you trying to get hold of Gary Hertzler? I’m happy to pass this along to him if you are. — Eileen Bjorkman

  2. Hi Eileen…I found this thread from 2017. It looks like I never replied to you. Sorry.
    I’d like to ask Gary some questions about props in general and my prop in particular.
    I suspect my prop is not allowing the engine to develop full power at either end of the performance range and I’d like to understand it more. Is Gary available for a general discussion like that, by phone or by e-mail? What is an e-mail address I could use?

    Many thanks.

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