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  1. A few decades ago I had a part time office next to Arnie’s in Everrett. I had some pleasent chats with him from time to time. I was then asking Aeronautical Engineering friends if they had done a senior design project and, if so, could I have a copy. Arnie gave me a copy of his paper describing his long range cruiser. He, modestly, never mentioned his interesting flying backgound. I learned about that from the magazine describing his first record flight.

    Incidentally my retirement design project is a long range airplane. Arnie has flown his. I’m in the fiftieth year of prelimiary design.

  2. Hello, A few years ago in Deland Florida, I saw a “U-haul truck exiting the woods near my property. Went to investigate and found they had dumped a bunch of stuff instead of going to landfill. Inside one of the boxes was a………black with gold lettering
    FOSTER A.F.B. 452nd F.D.S. beer mug/stein with the nickname/call sign “WILLEEN” just below the F-100.
    It now resides in my Idaho cabin, just waiting to be returned to its rightful owners!
    Any suggestions out there?

    • That’s amazing! I’ll pass along the call sign to my dad and see if he remembers anyone by that name. He was in the 452 FDS and it wasn’t around for that long, so there’s a good chance he would know the person.

    • I talked to my dad and he doesn’t remember anyone with that call sign. The name seems like it could be a woman’s name, so it might have been the wife of one of the aviators. One idea would be to try contacting the Super Sabre Society to see if they can put out a note to their membership asking who it might belong to.

  3. Eileen,

    Sixteen years ago Arnold gave me my checkride out of Harvey Field. Since, I have kept a small plane at Harvey and would often see him working in his hangar and riding his bicycle around the airport. After his flight of the E-1 and what I subsequently learned of your father, I think he would be a worthy nominee for the FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

    I would nominate him myself, but I do not have all the personal details required by the submission.

    I am certain you would have no trouble getting many people who Arnold has helped and inspired to support this honor.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Domenick,

      Thank you for writing. My dad is actually already a Wright Brothers Master Pilot — the FAA gave him the award (as well as the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award) in 2008, the same year he turned 80. But thank for you thinking about him!


  4. Hi,
    I saw that you own a plan set of the bd5.
    Is it possible to get a copy of it?
    I´m a model builder and I want to built a 50% BD5

    Thank you!

    • Hi Andreas,

      My dad gave his BD-5 kit to someone, but he may have kept the plans. I’ll check with him and get back to you.


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