Arnold Reunites with the E-1 in the EAA Museum

Numerous Ebneter family members took a trip to Oshkosh in April to witness the reunion of Arnold with the E-1 now on display in the EAA Museum. Many thanks to Chris Henry for hosting us and for writing a very nice article about my dad and his airplane! Click here for “The Cross Country of a Lifetime.”

We all had a great tour of the museum, followed by lunch at Friar Tuck’s nearby, where we had enough food to feed a small army. If you’ve never been to Friar Tuck’s, be sure to stop by on you next trip to Oshkosh!

2 thoughts on “Arnold Reunites with the E-1 in the EAA Museum

  1. I wanted to say thank you for such a great read and it is truly moving to see the reuniting of man and his beloved aircraft. Unfortunatly never bee to Friar Tucks, however i must make it a stopping place on my next visit. Look forward to reading future posts.

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