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My Decathlon is broken so I was going to try to fly in a rented Decathlon today in Leesburg, Virginia, but it was too windy. I guess I’ll have to settle for a picture of a Decathlon (the picture below is actually my older airplane; I often regret selling it, but I know the new owner is taking good care of it). Bummer! But the cancellation gives me some time to work on my long-neglected website.

1974 Decathlon

1974 Decathlon

Many thanks to EAA for a nice call-out about The Propeller under the Bed in their eHotline last week: Click here to read the short article.

I’m excited to be the speaker at the annual meeting of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society in Cottage Grove, Oregon next Saturday (April 14). I have to admit I’m a little nervous about giving a presentation on the history of homebuilt aircraft to a group of folks who know way more than I do about Oregon’s significant contributions to homebuilding!

I’m also going to be giving an interview and book reading to Authors of the Pacific Northwest. I’ll let you know when the podcast gets published and will provide a link to the website.

4 thoughts on “EAA eHotline and Upcoming Events

  1. What was the major deciding factor that made you really push to selling your Decathlon? I’m a huge sentimentalist so I would understand why you would miss your beloved Decathlon! That said, I hope your presentation went great though! More power to you and your love for the industry.

    • Mostly it was because I was very busy with school and a full-time job at the time and I just wasn’t flying the airplane as much as it needed. It was also becoming more difficult to maintain due to its age. I thought it best to let it go to someone who could devote more time to it than I could.

  2. We all have regrets selling beloved aircraft that we deem treasured posessions. Not sure why you would sell your decathlon in the first place, however i am sure you had your reasons. Same here i hope your presentation whent well and thank you for your continous contribution to the aviation industry.

    • Yes, the presentation went well, thank you! I sold my first Decathlon mostly because it was getting too hard to maintain as it got older. I just simply didn’t have the spare time to deal with it at the time and I thought it would be best to sell it to someone who could better care for it. I was lucky to find a A&P who wanted it and I felt he would be a great owner. He kept it for a few years and then sold it to someone else who has also keeps it in the condition it deserves. So yeah, I miss the airplane at times, but it’s in better hands now and I have a newer Decathlon that now keeps me in the air!

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