The Pilot’s Rock

Today we visited the farm where Arnold lived for about seven years when he was growing up. The land surrounding the prominent rock on the farm is now a county park. However, you can hardly see the rock any more! See the picture below. The rock is behind the barn and is almost completely hidden by trees.


It’s almost hard to believe that this is the rock that pilots used for navigation in the 1930s. It’s barely recognizable as a rock formation. When the farm was there, all the farm animals and other farm activities kept the trees at bay, so the rock was very prominent, as shown in the previous post.

Here’s one more picture from the county park. This is a bench in the park that is dedicated to Arnold’s parents, Emil and Bertha. Arnold and his siblings donated the funds to install the bench several years ago. The bench is located in an area that overlooks one of the farm fields and also has a view of Donald Rock.


I’m heading back to Seattle Monday and will post some information on Thursday night about the propeller that Arnold acquired in 1970 as he tried to begin working on the E-1.

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