F-100s in Action: Operation Mobile Baker

I know I’m getting a little ahead here, but I just spotted this video on YouTube that I wanted to pass along. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubwF-G-plMM

It’s a video of a 1956 operation that Arnold took part in while he was flying F-100s at Foster Air Force Base in Texas. Although there’s several types of aircraft in the video, the F-100s are clearly the rock stars!

The operation was called Mobile Baker, and it was part of the Nineteenth Air Force’s mission to develop a “tactical air strike force concept” that used a “self-sustaining task force” to deploy anywhere in the world on short notice. I know we do this routinely these days, but in 1956, air refueling was still a relatively new concept, and picking up a squadron and flying half way around the world was a novel idea. And I wasn’t even born yet!