Writer’s Retreat Produces Outline for The Propeller Under the Bed

I’m spending the weekend with friends in Sandia Park, New Mexico, where I’ve been having a “mini-writer’s retreat.” There’s nothing like getting away from home for a few days to clear the mind and make forward progress! In addition to the solitude and lack of distractions, the gorgeous New Mexico view from their dining room helped me stay focused. See below:


I finished the first chapter except for a few minor tweaks and finally (I think) finished my outline. Here is the list of chapters (still subject to change, of course):

1. The Pilot’s Rock

2. The Itinerant Pilot

3. The Accidental Engineer

4. The Balloon Pilot

5. Safer in the Air?

6. The Dream Begins

7. Vietnam, Part I

8. Vietnam, Part II

9. The Propeller Finds a Home

10. Sidetracked in Seattle

11. Colleen’s Cub

12. The Thunderstorm Pilot

13. Loss of His Co-Pilot

14. Airplane on a Diet

15. First Flight

16. Seepless in Seattle

17. Are We There Yet?

18: Aftermath: Accolades and Awards



I’m planning to post a little more material from the first chapter later this week. Talk to you then!

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